FEMA and its state and federal agency partners are working to identify a path to implementing the National Flood Insurance Program in Oregon that:

  • Reduces flood hazards to people and property;
  • Maintains or improves the natural benefits of functioning floodplains (e.g., flood storage, water quality, and fish and wildlife habitat); and
  • Works with the policy and pragmatic realities of Oregon's local governments.

  • In order to meet these goals, FEMA and its agency partners are encouraging Oregon stakeholders to share feedback on the Oregon NFIP Impemlementation Plan Draft to reduce development impacts to ESA-listed fish species in Oregon's floodplains.

    Please use the fields below to submit your feedback. Where possible, please be as specific as possible.

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    If you wish to submit a formal response, you may email that response to: FEMA-R10-ESAcomments@fema.dhs.gov

    We will be accepting feedback on this draft until September 24, 2021

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