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Focused Feedback Session – Local Governments 2

September 3, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

The Oregon NFIP BiOp Implementation Planning Team will be hosting a series of small “caucus-“style meetings to hear feedback from smaller groups.

Join us on September 3 to have a conversation focused on understanding the needs and perspectives of local governments. This is the second of three available options for local governments to provide feedback.

When: Sep 3, 2020 01:00 PM Pacific Time

This meeting is full. Please look for additional dates to be added.


September 3, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


FEMA Region 10



2 Replies to “Focused Feedback Session – Local Governments 2”

  1. Dear Oregon NFIP BiOp Implementation Planning Team,
    Thank you for allowing me to comment. I’m a long time resident of a community that borders the north and south sides of the Upper Sandy River. In the 33 years that I have lived here I have witnessed multiple high water events that were considered the 1% flood intensity and many considered the 2% flood intensity. Much of my neighborhood is built in the floodway along with supporting infrastructure. My neighborhood has been identified as being in a high risk area with very few options to minimize the risk. Our risk is flood erosion, not over banking, due to the composition of the soil. When the soil hydrated past a certain point it looses its ability to stick together; it literaly liquifies. A study completed in March of 2015 titled “Flood Erosion Hazard Mitigation Evaluation Upper Sandy River” describes the hazards the communities of the Upper Sandy River face. With these hazards clearly identified, development continues in very hazardous places as if nothing will happen. Our local government has its hands tied on limiting development in these Channel Migration Zones due to the state of Oregon not recognizing this hazard zone. In 2019 I spoke in front of Oregon House Committee on Agriculture and Land Use asking to form a special committee to address the adoption of Channel Migration Zone development polices local government can have as backing to limit development in these very hazardous areas. Now, I’m asking you to please recommend including the Channel Migration of rivers as a hazard zone that needs to be regulated to minimize loss of property, infrastructure, and life.
    Our state legislature has had multiple House Bills introduced to allow development in Oregons wetlands. This will lead to encroaching on our flood plains and floodways. We must have strong development standards that protect these sensitive areas. Potable water is becoming scarce throughout the country, this is one of our main sources of recharging our depleted aquifers. please make a recommendation to create Channel Migration Zone development state polices.

    1. We appreciate your comment and your time in contributing to our planning process. The Upper Sandy watershed is a beautiful area. Thank you for sharing information about local hazards in this watershed and the efforts you and others have made to address them. We will share these concerns with our state partners and will continue to consider how Channel Migration Zones can be a useful mechanism through which communities can address not only habitat but also natural hazard concerns as they relate to floodplain management and development. – Erin Cooper, FEMA Region 10

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